Publications (Years)

Publications (Authors)

Qin Ziquan

International Conferences and Workshops
  • Qin Ziquan, Wei Kaijie, Hideharu Amano, Kazuhiro Nakadai, “An implementation of Geometric High-order Decorrelation-based Source Separation on an FPGA board”, 2022 IEEE Symposium in Low-Power and High-Speed Chips (COOL CHIPS25 , Poster), Apr. 2022
Domestic Meetings
  • 覃 梓权,Wei Kaijie,天野 英晴,臺 一博, “音源分離処理のFPGA上での実装”, 電子情報通信学会 リコンフィギャラブルシステム研究会, 2022年09月

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