Kazuhiro Nakadai Professor
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Kenji Nishida Specially-Appointed Associate Professor
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Katsutoshi Itoyama Specially-Appointed Associate Professor
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Benjamin Yen JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Kaoru Takeo Assistant Adminirative Staff
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Taiki Yamada D3
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Atuo Hiroe D1
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Ryo Yamamoto M2
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Kouki Tsuyuguchi M2
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Nabeela Khan M2
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Takahiro Aizawa M1
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Tan Sihan M1
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Hiroyoshi Kawaguchi M1
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Hiroki Kobayashi M1
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Yuki Fujita M1
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Aoto Yasue M1
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Ragib Amin Nihal M1
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Takahiro Osaki B4
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Gakusei Sato B4
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Tatsuki Fujikawa B4
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Syunki Kimura B3
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Lin Zirui 研究生
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Long Yanke 研究生
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Mert Bozkurtlar ACAP交換留学生
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Previous staff

Osamu Sugiyama 産学連携研究員
在籍期間 2014.4-2016.3
現所属 Program-Specific Senior Lecurer,Kyoto University Hospital -> Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Kindai University
Kotaro Hoshiba 産学連携研究員
在籍期間 2016.4-2018.3
現所属 Assistant Professor,Kanagawa University -> Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Noriko Sugimoto Secretary for Imura and Nakadai labs
在籍期間 -2021.3
現所属 Secretary for Imura lab
Yoko Kubota Secretary for Amaya, Nakao, and Nakadai Labs
在籍期間 2018.4-2020.3
現所属 Secretary for Amaya and Nakao labs


Muhammad Shakeel 在籍期間 2019.4-2022.9(Ph.D. Eng.)
学位論文タイトル Anomaly detection and classification in multi-sensor systems using deep learning
Chishio Sugiyama 在籍期間 2020.4-2022.9 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Calibration of 3D Position, Posture, and Time Offset of Multiple Microphone Arrays
Masahiko Fujita 在籍期間 2020.4-2022.9 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Integration of multiple speech enhancement methods using ensemble time-frequency masks
Haris Gulzar 在籍期間 2020.4-2022.9 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Development of Machine Learning Models for Automatic Speech Recognition on Resource-Constrained Edge Devices
Michio Iwatsuki 在籍期間 2018.4-2022.8 (B.E.)
学位論文タイトル Listen and Tell: Caption Generation of Acoustic Scene using Deep Learning
Yasuhiro Kagimoto 在籍期間 2019.4-2022.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Spotforming by non-negative matrix factorization using multiple microphone arrays
Hidehiko Kishinami 在籍期間 2019.4-2022.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Reconstruction of visual scenes based on echolocation
Kei Suzuki 在籍期間 2020.4-2022.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Audio-visual class association based on self-supervised contrastive learning
Naoki Yamamoto 在籍期間 2019.9-2022.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Classification of ball rotation direction using hitting sound in tennis and investigation of generalization performance improvement considering individual differences
Yui Sudo 在籍期間 2018.4-2021.3(Ph.D. Eng.)
学位論文タイトル Deep-Learning-Based Environmental Sound Segmentation -Integration of Sound Source Localization, Separation, and Classification-
Yuta Kusaka 在籍期間 2018.4-2021.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Sound source separation using onset time based on non-negative matrix factorization with binary masks
Yoshiya Morimoto 在籍期間 2019.4-2021.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Development and evaluation of sound source localization system using periodic information learning neural network
Shi Sho 在籍期間
Takashi Konno 在籍期間 2018.4-2020.3
学位論文タイトル Improvement in 3D Scene Reconstruction by Audio-Visual Integration
Katsuhiro Dan 在籍期間 2018.4-2020.3
Yutaro Okamoto 在籍期間 2019.3-2020.3 (Bachelor)
学位論文タイトル 3D reconstruction of scenes including transparent boards by using an audio-visual sensor
Henry Leqiang He 在籍期間 2019..9-2020.2
現所属(アカデミアのみ記載) Technical University of Munich
学位論文タイトル ACAP Exchange Student
Daniel Gabriel 在籍期間 2016.4-2019.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Sound source localization using multiple microphone arrays
Ryosuke Taniguchi 在籍期間 2016.4-2017.3(B.E.)
学位論文タイトル LSTM-based musical audio signal restoration – Improvement in restoration of high frequency bands using spectral filtering –
ditto 在籍期間 2017.4-2019.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Acoustic signal restoration using LSTM/Bi-LSTM with spectral filtering
Shungo Masaki 在籍期間 2018/4-2019/3 (B.E.)
現所属(アカデミアのみ記載) Okutomi & Tanaka lab, (Dept. of System Control)
学位論文タイトル A deep learning model for phase information using von Mises distribution
Maiko Takao 在籍期間 2016.4-2018.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Distance Estimation Based on Weighted Likelihood Function using Audible Sound
Ryosuke Kojima 在籍期間 2014.4-2017.3 (Ph.D.)
現所属(アカデミアのみ記載) Program-Specific Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
学位論文タイトル Plan-Intention-Event Framework for Scene Analysis Based on Robot Audition and Plan Recognition
Takayuki Morito 在籍期間 2015.4-2017.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Partially Shared Deep Learning Architecture Applied to Sound Source Identification
Satoshi Uemura 在籍期間 2014.4-2016.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Outdoor Sound Source Identification using microphone array for Quadrotor
Takuma Ohata 在籍期間 2013.4-2015.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Outdoor Sound Source Detection for Quadrotor
Taiki Tezuka 在籍期間 2012.4-2014.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Semi-Blind Infinite NMF for Ego-motion Noise Suppression
Keita Okutani 在籍期間 2011.4-2013.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Sound Source Localization for Outdoor Auditory Scene Analysis and Applying to a Quadrocopter
Takami Yoshida 在籍期間 2010.4-2012.3 (Ph.D.)
学位論文タイトル An Active Audio-Visual Integration Framework for Robot Audition
ditto 在籍期間 2008.4-2010.4 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Automatic Speech Recognition Based on Two-Layered Audio-Visual Integration for Robots
Hiroki Miura 在籍期間 2010.4-2012.3 (M.E.)
学位論文タイトル A SLAM-based Calibration Method for Asynchronous Microphone Arrays
Gokhan Ince 在籍期間 2008.4-2011.3(Ph.D.)
現所属(アカデミアのみ記載) Assistant Professor, Istanbul Technical University
学位論文タイトル Ego Noise Estimation of a Robot
Kazumasa Murata 在籍期間 2007.4-2009.3(M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Real-Time Beat-Tracking and Its Application to A Music Robot
Tomoaki Koiwa 在籍期間 2006.4-2008.3(M.E.)
学位論文タイトル Audio-Visual Speech Recognition for A Robot

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